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Hi there, my name is Ankur.

I love to build stuff. Seriously a lot!
From ideation, strategizing to execution.

Exploring language, culture & geographies is my life purpose.

I make businesses expand their wings
(Business Development/Partnerships) .

Public speaking? That I can do.

My employment goal: Tech Start-Up.

Learning. Always, always, always, always, always.

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Professional Engagement / Educational Institutions / Networks & Alumni Associations

I took my first leap into entrepreneurship when I was in my pre-teens; I tried building a support center online for kids/teens. Be it about peer pressure, family issues, heartbreaks or anything else under the sun, we wanted to be there to help them out. Atleast that was the idea at first but the lack of real-world experience & support meant, my startup crashed and burnt before it even took (you can take a look at the remnants of that venture here), but that had been the stepping stone for my years to come.

I graduated from NIFT Bangalore in 2014 with a degree in Apparel Production & Management (along with diplomas/certifications from ENSAIT, France and STF, Zurich). By this time I had taken my second plunge into entrepreneurship and had founded the largest self-help portal in the country (CampusWriting.Com). We had a database acquisition around mid-2014 when we entered into an MOU and closed down service. Although being ‘kinda-acquired’ and running into money was exciting for me but what really moved me was the sheer impact that a simple idea had on the youth. We had over 700 volunteers/ambassadors from across the country, we were seen in over 5000+ institutions and had 9 regional outreach centers built up. All of this just to power a simple thought, ‘to give voice to our emotions’.

My post-college work experiences include some amazing times spent at Teach for India (fellow 2014-16 cohort) as well as Uber Pune (Operations consultant during launch & expansion). Thereafter I joined in as one of the earliest employees at Headout, Inc. (500 StartUp company out of the valley. Read more here.), where I currently lead Business Development & expansion in our Europe & US markets. The next time you are in any of our cities use code ANKUR and get yourself a $15 off on Headout.


Travel & Diplomatic projects

I set out on my first solo trip when I was 12 years old and after over a decade, I have never looked back. To me, my travel experiences are among the most valuable assets that I have been able to collect over the years. I have traveled/lived in over 51 countries till date (450+ cities) and there’s no plan to slow down anytime soon.

My first association with the diplomatic community and the government machinery happened back in 2011 when I got a chance to work as a youth diplomat at the G20 Summit 2011 (Cannes, France). Post that, I have been part of several other important & high-profile meeting of international states; some of which are illustrated above.


Speaker & Influencer Engagements

I have been in the public speaking platform for over 5 years now. Trained thousands of youth across the country while working as a volunteer for Foundation for a Drug-Free World. Besides that, I continue to educate people on the topic of climate change as a Climate Leader/Mentor for The Climate Reality Project.

I also do corporate training sessions as well as professional speaking engagements on topics like Travel, Youth & Motivation, and Climate Change. I have been invited to speak at 9 TEDx events so far and several other independent talks at institutions/events across the country & abroad (some of which are indicated below).

As for my work as social travel influencer, I began working with brands almost a year ago starting with Instagram (9K followers) & Facebook (for over 30K CampusWriting followers). I have worked on marketing projects for several travel-based enterprises including hotels, tourism boards, and airlines. Brands with who I have engaged in the past for influencer marketing include the likes of Aitken Spence HotelsSun Resorts (La Pirogue Resort & Spa – Mauritius), Mauritius Tourism, Value Alliance (Tiger Airways Philipines) and many others.

Feel free to contact me for influencer assignments for your brand or speaker engagements at your event/institute.


'Paris is always a good idea.'---Audrey Hepburn

'Paris is always a good idea.'

---Audrey Hepburn

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